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Furniture Garden source the finest garden furniture, we buy in bulk and then pass these savings directly to our customers.

All the teak garden furniture on our website is made from sustainable and ethically sourced plantation teak. We do not sell illegal or village teak.

The garden furniture we sell is made of premium grade solid teak. We do not sell inferior grade teak.

Furniture Garden source their garden furniture from companies which actually manufacturer their own furniture and have excellent quality control procedures. This ensures the furniture is constructed to a supreme standard and built to last. Fully machine furniture is more expensive to produce and due to the precision involved in manufacturing the furniture is made to last a lifetime. We only sell garden furniture from companies which follow this manufacturing procedure such as Faraway Furniture and Alexander Rose. Handmade garden furniture is generally poorer quality, badly constructed by unskilled workers and will be unlikely to last a year.

High quality teak from mature trees is the best wood for outdoor furniture as it has a very high natural oil content which makes the timber resistant to the effects of sun, snow, frost and rain. Inferior teak from young trees does not have a high oil content and therefore no natural protection from the elements. Inferior teak will require frequent oiling and varnishing whereas premium teak requires no oiling or varnishing and should be left to naturally weather.

Our ethos is simple we buy the best garden furniture in bulk and then pass these savings onto you.

Give Furniture Garden a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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